Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flowers and why DIY isn't always the best...

Remember me? Ha! Me neither. Wedding planning season came and went in the blink of an eye. As you can imagine the closer it got to my wedding day the less time I had for updates on my Golden Isles Bride blog. So, here I start again. Blogging about all things wedding planning!

You've marked your calendar.
You've booked a venue.
Now what?

I took to Pinterest as a starting place for ideas on decor and a "theme". Don't get overwhelmed with the idea of all DIY because the reality is... you {yes, you!} cannot physically do everything on your wedding day. YOU are the bride-to-be remember?

As much as the DIY girl in me wanted to I had to admit that I couldn't do it all, so I preplanned the items I would buy and the items I would make. Be flexible. Really flexible. There will be moments you *think* it will be cheaper to make and do-it-yourself, but don't forget to place a price on your time {and sanity!}.

I had booked my venue in the cute town  of St. Simon's Island. The idea of starfish and shells were never my "thing" so I knew that I didn't want a beach-y inspired themed wedding. Really think about what you want. But, don't overthink it and KISS {keep it simple sugar}.

This post will focus on the those of you that think "I will make my own bouquets", "I will buy the flowers at one of those big box stores", "it'll be fun, she said." Flowers are one of the items I chose to let a professional design.

I new I wanted the colors "blush and bashful". Have your heart set on peonies? Want roses galore? Think long and hard about your budget before you back yourself into a corner with the cost of a specific type of flower in the off-season.

I was generic and my designer was grateful.  I sent her these inspiration photos:

So keep it simple. Pick your battles. Let the designer design!

Here are a few more ideas from my Pinterest board on flowers...

She brought my vision to life all within a budget. She was able to design bouquets and boutonnieres that were prettier than I could have ever dreamed about! Flowers that I can't even pronounce the name too and a soft color combo that spoke to me and said "this is blush and bashful"! Here are some snippets of the final product from MY wedding!

Money saving TIP! I used the bouquets as centerpieces on the tables after the wedding ceremony. Double duty, which meant double the savings!