Monday, September 3, 2012

I found it!

After several attempts of trying to find the perfect wedding dress I finally found the one this weekend! It's beautiful! I'm so glad that my mom, granny, and several of my friends were able to be there and support me in this big decision! Their reassurance made me feel so much more confident in my decision.

After explaining my Steel Magnolias wedding inspiration (you can stop laughing now) and what I thought my dress would look like the sales lady came back into the room with the first dress. It was a miss... a big one. Then the second dress she picked seemed a little grandma-ish. Then the third dress she brought me was satin. Satin. The look on my face must have said it all. Samantha (my MOH) sprung into action saving me from having to tell the sales lady how much I hated the dress and that we were on the completely wrong track. My saleslady (Ashley) was extremely helpful and patient. With persistence I took a spin around the salon in a sea of ivory dresses and found the one. Stuck between a silk dupioni a-line dress and a satin ball gown it shined and was everything I had been looking for and more. It's long, ivory, covered in lace and the perfect amount of beading.

In short, I don't have pictures of the dress because the salon (to be mentioned in a later blog) was extremely picky about no cellphones and no pictures... even after I gave them my VISA -Rediculous - almost made me change my mind, but the dress was too perfect. 

I can't wait to show it off to everyone once I have my hands on the dress! Much love to my friends and family that made this day extra special!