Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Planning Frenzy!

With the wedding 6 months away my wedding to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds! 
The one thing that has been on the top of my list is bridesmaid dresses. I really like the dresses on the Anntaylor.com website and best of all I know the Ann Taylor brand and quality is top notch.
Short, strapless and not too shiny lead me to this strapless silk dupioni bridesmaid dress...
I'm the deal seeker and have been checking in day-after-day and waiting on what I thought was the best deal. Yesterday was the day with 30% off, so I sent out an email to see if the girls liked the dress and were up to making the purchase. Today I logged back in to see the deal was gone(AH!), but an even better one was available! 40% off with the purchase of 3 or more dresses! I rounded up sizes from my ladies and made the purchase so they could all take part in the deal. 
A $235 dress for less than $150!
Always be on the lookout for a great deal and be patient, but act fast because it could be gone before you know it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mason Jars Galore...

I'm so glad Pinterest is around to help me plan my wedding! Oh the ideas! My recent love is mason jars - all shapes, all sizes - I'm not biased. Here are a few inspirational pictures...

I don't think I would put names on the tags, but maybe write a cute saying like this...

Then I would add an additional matching tag they can write their name on or something similar. 

I just purchased a bountiful supply of mason jars from kmart.com regular price $9.99 on sale for $8.99, then I used a promo code: KMART10PSAVINGS that I found on Retailmenot.com and saved 10% PLUS FREE SHIPPING! A killer deal which scored me over 100 mason jars for $72 (which included tax!) Once it was all said and done I paid roughly $0.67 a mason jar! You can't find those savings at the dollar store! :P

This is a cute table display for everyone to pick up their glass on the way to cocktail hour. I love the rhyme. 

Other cute ideas...

Of course with matching ribbons in our wedding colors.

Our dinner will be served buffet style so I have been trying to come up with cute ways to present the utensils.

I think it's super cute! Especially with the burlap wrapped around to give it a rustic feel. I may be on mason jar overload, but I am loving every minute! 
If you have any cute ideas let me know!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One day only sale!

Wedding Paper Divas just released this tweet for all the brides ready to order decorations and gifts!

@WeddingPaprDiva: day only! Enjoy 40% off personalized mugs & reception decor with code SEPTDOD: http://t.co/wr7fmeK3. Expires 9/24/12

Or you can go to their site directly:


Take the opportunity to save BIG and order today!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I found it!

After several attempts of trying to find the perfect wedding dress I finally found the one this weekend! It's beautiful! I'm so glad that my mom, granny, and several of my friends were able to be there and support me in this big decision! Their reassurance made me feel so much more confident in my decision.

After explaining my Steel Magnolias wedding inspiration (you can stop laughing now) and what I thought my dress would look like the sales lady came back into the room with the first dress. It was a miss... a big one. Then the second dress she picked seemed a little grandma-ish. Then the third dress she brought me was satin. Satin. The look on my face must have said it all. Samantha (my MOH) sprung into action saving me from having to tell the sales lady how much I hated the dress and that we were on the completely wrong track. My saleslady (Ashley) was extremely helpful and patient. With persistence I took a spin around the salon in a sea of ivory dresses and found the one. Stuck between a silk dupioni a-line dress and a satin ball gown it shined and was everything I had been looking for and more. It's long, ivory, covered in lace and the perfect amount of beading.

In short, I don't have pictures of the dress because the salon (to be mentioned in a later blog) was extremely picky about no cellphones and no pictures... even after I gave them my VISA -Rediculous - almost made me change my mind, but the dress was too perfect. 

I can't wait to show it off to everyone once I have my hands on the dress! Much love to my friends and family that made this day extra special!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Pinterest Problem(?)

I know most of us have been "bitten" by the Pinterest bug, but here recently I think I have logged in to Pinterest more than Facebook. After searching, planning, and "pinning" this evening I started to wonder... How would I have planned my wedding without Pinterest? 

In the search for rustic, yet chic wedding ideas I came across some of these great photos! 

My flower inspirations.

 And my gift inspirations. Spill proof cups to protect bridesmaid dresses while getting ready (top left,) bridesmaid day-of emergency kit (bottom left,) and my favorite the grooms beer "cake."

What are your favorite inspiration boards?
If you like to "pin," stop by my page and let's "pin" together!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15-50% off!

Needing some craft supplies? In the next week or two Michael's is offering some great amazing coupons! The next time you head to your favorite Michael's craft store don't forget to print these valuable coupons!

This week only you can save 15% off your entire purchase, including sale items!

Starting next Sunday, August 19th, you can enjoy 50% off one regular price item...

Also, if you are in the market for calligraphy pens, acrylic paints, spray paint, brushes, pencils, and more you must print this coupon!

Looking for frames for your reception tables and/or your engagement pictures? Print the above coupon and get 25% off your favorite frames!

Don't be caught paying full price! You can print these coupons and more at dealspl.us!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My "Oh My Gosh" Wedding Moment

In the midst of planning my big day I had a "oh my gosh" moment.

You know how some people have a getaway car? Well I thought it would be really fun to getaway by boat and then it hit me. If the tide isn't right then my fairy tale ending will be left on the riverbanks. I ran back to my office googled tides in St. Simons. Luckily I found that you can check the tide charts up to 11 months out. So don't be caught off guard when you want to make your special getaway!

You can check the tides for your wedding day by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Water Spout

You never know what you will come across when you're at the beach, especially on a rainy afternoon. A vacationer on St. Simons captured this water spout yesterday off the coast. I'm still unsure if I would have ran or stopped to enjoy the show. Either way Mother Nature was definitely entertaining beach goers that day!

(photo found on CNN iReport)

Why should you choose the Golden Isles?

The words "Golden Isles" dates back almost 500 years when travelers came to the coastal Georgia area seeking gold, but found much more. From golden sunsets to the golden marshes they knew this coast was special and they nicknamed it the Golden Isles. The name stuck and years later it still captures the hearts of many who seek it's beauty.

Invite your family and friends for a weekend getaway to St. Simons or to one of it's neighboring islands. You'd be surprised how many of your guests will jump at the chance to come support you on your big day, knowing they can also turn it into a mini vacation. When you choose St. Simons and the Golden Isles your guest will stay busy all weekend long. From the beach to shopping there is something for everyone! The Golden Isles offers more than 200 holes of golf (Click here to book a tee time), miles upon miles of bike paths, and endless streams canoeing or kayaking.

Click on any of the official (Golden Isles, St. Simons, or Jekyll Island) website links on the left hand side of this blog to see what each island offers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tartan & Sequins: Wedding Planning 101: DIY Bridal Party Invites

I have really enjoyed following Tartan & Sequins. Check out her latest blog about making these super cute invites. She is using these invites for her Bridal Party, but you could use this design for any invitation. The colors are great together and the bow adds the perfect finishing touch!

Tartan & Sequins: Wedding Planning 101: DIY Bridal Party Invites: Despite how purple the envelopes look, I swear they are a dark navy :) The first thing out of my mouth to my fiance after I said "yes" w...