Friday, September 16, 2016

4 things to cut from the to-do list

Here's my list of "think twice" ideas that seem amazing, awesome and the best idea until there's little time and the to-do list gets a second glance at what could be cut. These are probably the ones I would have dreamed about doing, but never would have had the time.

Chalk hearts on the driveway... my luck it would rain 5-minutes afterwards.

Thank you cards at the wedding... If you still want to do a rhyme to tell your guest 'thank you' send it after the wedding and include a hand written note of appreciation on the back too.

Prepackaged cupcakes to take home... most of my cupcakes were ate AT the wedding. No need to spend extra on take-home cupcakes and packaging.

Let's face it. Vendors just want the tip. They will not be any less happy because you didn't put it in a cutesy thank you card. They will still be just as excited, promise...

There are many things I would have done if time was endless and the budget was limitless. Don't over extend yourself and choose to do the things that are really important to you.